Outcall Masseuses

With one phone call, in about 30 minutes, a masseuse will reach your door to relax your body and soul.

Depending on your requirements and preferences, we choose together the masseuse that we consider appropriate for attitude, experience, appearance, and behavior.

Massage services in the hotel room and home are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

To be able to honor your order, you need:

  • to be in the hotel room
  • to let us know your real name used for hotel registration, the name of the hotel and the area
  • to give us the number of the hotel room.
  • to be alone in the hotel room during the massage session.

About masseuses

Most masseuses have completed qualification classes and have experience from several months to over 10 years in the art of erotic massage.

Whether you want a masseuse that is more experienced on the erotic side, whether you want an experienced masseuse in the relaxing massage or simply you want a pleasant company, we find the ideal masseuse. Depending on your needs, our masseuses combine and change different techniques to achieve the best results. You can also ask for a specific type, depending on what you want.

About massage at the hotel or at home

It is certainly true that nothing equals an erotic massage remarkably executed in its own comfort zone.

If you are thinking of a massage at the hotel or at home, you are most likely a person who appreciates your convenience, privacy, and comfort.

The price of a massage at hotel and home is more expensive with 100 lei/hour compared to the price of a massage in the salon.

Massage in the hotel room lasts for an hour. If you liked it and want to spend several hours in the masseuse’s  company or if you want to try another masseuse, you can contact us and we reserve more time.

Our experience allows us to know what customers want most when they receive an erotic massage in a hotel.

The human body is an open book and we are guided by what your movements tell us. You can be sure that you will experience a unique experience with a masseuse that offers her soul and body to please you. Surely nobody has stimulated you as HotAngel masseuses will do!

Dare to try them?

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