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Andra – +4 0730-22-22-60

Price: 150 Lei/Hour


Claudia – +4 0730-22-22-60

Price: 150 Lei/Hour


Jessica – +4 0730-22-22-60

Price: 150 Lei/Hour


Karla – +4 0730-22-22-60

Price: 150 Lei/Hour


Luciana – +4 0730-22-22-60

Price: 150 Lei/Hour


Sofye – +4 0730-22-22-60

Price: 150 Lei/Hour


About US

Thai Passion is an exclusive erotic massage salon in Bucharest inspired by Eastern culture and traditions.

We offer various high-quality services, both in the range of relaxing and erotic massage.

We work the whole body with no exception and offer you the chance to interact with our masseuses, enjoying a mutual massage.

All this in the right atmosphere, with absolute respect, in unmatched harmony and in a comfortable, intimate and refined environment.

You come to discover the Thai Passion Salon in an easily accessible area but away from curious eyes, in a villa where you will discover that pleasure is not a shame.

Each of the 5 rooms is decorated in different oriental styles and in the colors of the erotic massage, each room will sink you into a different world, a world full of new experiences, where, through the hands of our masseuses, all your senses will be stimulated in a way undiscovered until now.

Our erotic massages and happy-end-ing techniques that we offer are carefully selected from a list of Oriental techniques with maximum effect on body, psyche, and emotions. Enjoy them in a warm and welcoming environment.

Welcome to the sensual Thai Passion world!

*You can also benefit from various other gradual discounts depending on the number of hours spent in the massage.


Price List


Massage prices vary depending on the chosen masseuse and are 150 and 200 lei.

Prices are displayed in the photo gallery of the masseuses.

A massage session lasts 60 minutes from the moment you entered into the room with the masseuse and contains:

Assisted shower, relaxing massage, body-sensual massage, erotic massage, two happy-end-ings by erotic massage techniques and final assisted shower

  • Erotic massage with two happy-end-ings – the price of the chosen masseuse.
  • Erotic massage for ladies – the price of the chosen masseuse.
  • Double erotic massage – the prices of the two masseuses gathered.
  • Couple massage – the prices of the two masseuses gathered.
  • Erotic massage with one happy-end-ing – 30 minutes.
  • Prostate Massage. Masseuse price plus 100 lei.
  • BDSM massage. Masseuse price plus 100 lei.


  • Offer 3 +1: For each group of 4 friends, 3 pay and one gets free.
  • Offer 5+2: For each group of 7 friends, 5 pay and 2 get free.
  • Happy-Hours, daily 14: 00-18:00

—> You pay minutes and you enjoy a 90-minute meeting;
—> Choose 2 ladies, and for one of them you pay only half the price;
—> Choose to stay for 2 hours, and for the second hour you pay only half the price.

  • You can also benefit from various other gradual discounts depending on the number of hours spent in the massage.


It is the most intimate form of massage, in which the senses between the client and the masseuse are really tied, which further enhances the charm. The touch between the two bodies is the fundamental aspect during this massage because it increases the sensations and increases the level of excitement.

Massaging the intimate area is right in the center of erotic massage.

This massage activates the circulation and allows men to connect with their deepest emotions through sensations due to the stimulation of their member.

This exciting technique will be really delightful because of the masseuse which, by seductive moves will generate pleasure and caressing the body of the client.


If a simple massage can create feelings of relaxation and pleasure with the hands of a single masseuse, then imagine the intensity of a massage performed by two masseuses in perfect synchronization. At least double sensations, double pleasure, and double memories.

You can choose the masseuses at your will and your wishes will be fulfilled.

Four hands will work your entire body from head to toe until every muscle and organ in your body will experience new kinds of pleasure.
This option is an excellent way to maximize your time spent with us, to relax and spoil you with new variations of pleasure.

Neither muscle contraction, nor fatigue, nor any other negative feeling can resist the pleasure of two perfect bodies and four wonderful hands.

It is the most erotic massage on our menu. It’s interactive and completely nude. Before this session, you can also enjoy an erotic shower, after that you will enjoy all the techniques of erotic massage, tantric, sensual body, and two finalizations.


Erotic massage for couples offers to the couples in Bucharest the opportunity to leave behind the routine and share a truly exciting experience.

Each massage session is tailored to your needs and limits previously discussed.

The two partners become active parts in the erotic massage session, and once the massage is over, the masseuses can retire discreetly leaving the couple in their intimate play. Surprise your partner with this exciting proposal!


Swedish massage is the most famous type of massage and the first one comes to mind when someone thinks about the massage.

The main purpose of this massage is a relaxation of the whole body. Relaxation is achieved by rubbing the muscles and long slides towards the direction of the blood returning to the heart.

Swedish massage is also beneficial for increasing oxygen levels in the blood, lowering toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while relieving tensions.

In our salon, Swedish massage is an integral part of every erotic massage session, but it can also be purchased separately for a complete relaxation session.


Thai massage is performed only by qualified masseuses. It is a holistic health care treatment for people of all types and ages.

Improves position, balance, flexibility, ease of movement.

The masseuse hands, legs, knees, and elbows are the ones that will put pressure on your joints, it is also possible that the masseuse will also apply traction and passive stretching techniques.

This type of massage is available on request, based on a phone appointment.

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